Western Lumber: Spruce, Doug-Fir, Hem-Fir, ES/LP

Our Western Lumber Department team trades over 250 million board feet per year to customers across the country from the Pacific Northwest to southern Florida, and everywhere in between. Even when market dynamics change, our steadfast dedication to the western species and reputation we’ve built with suppliers is a constant. Our trading partners on both sides have trusted us for decades to our unwavering integrity and diverse range of Western Lumber offerings.

Western SPF lumber includes Western Spruce, Hem-Fir, Doug-Fir, and ES/LP and has many commercial and residential construction uses, as well as crating, packaging, and other industrial uses

Western SPF dimensional lumber is available in sizes from 2×3 to 2×12 with solid sawn lengths up to 24’ because of the climate in which the trees grow and the substantial size of the logs.

What’s the difference between Eastern SPF Lumber and Western SPF Lumber?

The biggest differentiation between Eastern SPF and Western SPF lumber is the region in which the trees grow. Western SPF lumber comes from the Canadian provinces of British Columbia and Alberta. Those regions along with US states in the Pacific Northwest also produce Hem-Fir, Doug-Fir, and ES/LP among numerous other species.

Benefits of Western Lumber:

  • High strength to weight ratio
  • Dimensional stability
  • Takes to glue, adhesives, paint, screws, and nails well
  • Meets many building code requirements

The Western Lumber Industry Maintains a Low-Energy Cost

According to the North American Forest Foundation, the American lumber industry (which includes Western SPF lumber) consumes only 4% of the total energy used in raw materials manufacturing. source


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