Southern Yellow Pine: SYP Lumber

For over two decades, Seaboard International has been a leader in Southern Yellow Pine: SYP Lumber. We offer stress grade dimensional lumber, boards, and timbers and sell to a diverse customer base across the United States. The strength of our portfolio lies in the diverse product mix we’re able to offer. As the consumption footprint of SYP Lumber continues to grow, you can count on us to bring you the best value to your business.

Our market penetration allows us to provide a wide range of products to our customers, in various grades and geographical areas. We’re able to meet your unique application needs from the highest grade to the most cost effective.

Southern Yellow Pine grows in the southern part of the US from Virginia to Florida,Georgia to Texas, as well as Arkansas and Oklahoma. A significant percentage of Southern Yellow Pine lumber is pressure treated and used in manufacturing decks, retaining walls, fences, marine pilings, and more.

The lumber industry gives more than it takes

The US lumber industry currently plants more trees than it harvests, and a large part of the industry avoids taking lumber from old-growth forests altogether. By planting and harvesting in large-scale cycles, lumber is a sustainable and healthy resource. source


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